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CCTV Drain Inspections

Take the guess work out of your drainage projects. We can help with locating blockages for repair, stormwater and sewer services for new builds, and helping understand what's below the ground. This can save time and money with repairs so you can get on quickly with your project.


Our equipment includes:

  • Full 1080 HD Inspection Camera System

  • 40m cable

  • Locator with automatic pinpointing

  • Depth detection up to 3 metres

Our services include a technician to locate and inspect pipework and drains as requested. We can mark locations on site and provide photos and recordings of the drain inspection. If a blockage or damage is found, we are also experienced drainlayers that can help with repairing and reinstating sections of pipework.

Our CCTV services are available Auckland wide. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.


Other services we provide:

We have a few exciting projects in the works which we will share once they are complete. Some of which include:

  • Army Bay: new residential dwelling

  • Auckland school projects

  • Sandringham 4 unit development

  • Gulf Harbour minor dwelling and workshop

  • Massey new build house

Watch this space!

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